Co-creating innovative, actionable and effective solutions

Our global vision and cross-sectoral experience allow us to deliver our consultancy services to meet a wide variety of client needs (corporations, startups, SMEs, public sector, international organizations, NGOs, networks, among others).

Impact research, creative thinking & ideation, feasibility studies, motivational speaking and training to helping people, businesses and places solve challenges, identify opportunities and drive transformation by unlocking creativity and enabling co-creation.

what we do

Creativity for Sustainable Leadership

Research & Strategy for

Global Impact

Inspirational Speaking & Training

Creativity is the engine to business leadership and success in the 21st century: from broad strategic thinking and planning to solve tactical problems.

We firmly believe that everyone is creative! It is only needed to enable the right environment and organization culture through a suitable strategy, training, coaching and tools to harnessing everyone’s creativity to be incorporated into the innovation strategy.

We have worked applying creativity for sustainable leadership on projects for both public and private institutions across sectors (creative industries, tourism, health & well-being, food & hospitality, digital economy, among others) delivering transformational and actionable  solutions to their challenges.

Society is changing faster and faster. In order to be upfront it is essential to develop an open innovation culture to anticipate people’s behaviour, identify needs and opportunities and create solutions to generate sustainable growth.


Our research & strategy expertise helps both public and private institutions (government bodies, corporations, leading businesses, networks, NGOs) understand how people’s behaviour and social changes impact their businesses and institutions; identify trends, challenges and opportunities, to create the best action plans with global and long-term impact.

We specialize on feasibility studies, impact & interactive research, consumer behaviour and competition analysis.


In the uncertain and rapidily changing times we live, people and organizations find the need to redefine their focus, find purpose, gain creative confidence, actualize their skills or learn new ones, particularly in the face of digitalization.

Economía Creativa motivational and inspirational speaking and capacity building workshops (creativity, storytelling, innovative funding -more info in our EC Shop) help you unlock your and your organization creative potential. 


We have trained and coached more than 2.000 people from all backgrounds, from C-level to young entrepreneurs, and sectors in more than 16 countries. We deliver the trainings both onsite or online (or combining both).

EC is a creativity & innovation lab.

We are base in the EU. We work globally.

We have base camps in Málaga (Spain) & Warsaw (Poland); we are frequently in Brussels (Belgium).


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