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Objective and outcome:

Whether you need someone to support your organization, invest in your project, engage and grow your audience, reach out to a new market or connecting your company/organization to specific target groups (millennials, Generation X, etc.), improve internal communication with your team and/or external with key stakeholders, users and consumers; refining your storytelling skills can help.


Economía Creativa have an extensive experience applying storytelling method working with clients both form public and private sector, enabling dynamic and engaging narratives for innovative internal and external communication (integrating both online/offline) and business/institution development strategies (see cases study:


We tailor Storytelling for Communication and Influence to your unique brief and objectives, deliver it onsite, online or combining both.


Storytelling for Communication and Influence is addressed to:

  • Corporations, Startups and Business
  • Public Sector, International Affairs and Digital Diplomacy
  • NGOs, Networks, non-for-profit
  • eCommerce and communication with Consumers
  • Research, Science and Technical Parks and Projects
  • Cities and Territories
  • Creative Industries Audience Development
  • Tourism Boards
  • Entrepreneurs


Storytelling for engagment and growth

Storytelling is the way in which people naturally communicate. Stories are powerful and effective means of connecting people.


While the technical/business like way of communicating using facts and figures informs, storytelling allows people to experience what this data means.


People do not trust anymore institutions or businesses with one way top-down communication; they are seeking for engaging in meaningful conversations in which they can have an input. Storytelling can help craft a compelling and emphatic narrative, build up trust, attract investors and inspire others to follow your brand and your lead.


Please see more info about Storytelling for Communication and Influence on product detail section.


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Storytelling for Communication & Influence


Storytelling for Communication and Influence  can be applied to

  • Corporate Storytelling: communicating with consumers, investors, shareholders and stakeholders
  • Public Sector: engaging and communicating with citizens, civic innovation and enabling citizens' participation.
  • Cities and territories & Tourism: City Branding, Destination Marketing
  • NGOs and civil society organizations: awareness raising campaigns, fundraising/crowdfunding campaigs
  • Startups and Entrepreneurs: pitching to investors; sales pitching
  • Activate and grow your audience/market for Creative and Cultural Industries, membership and professional organizations, networks, etc.
  • Communicating with key target groups: youth (millennials), women, minorities, disable people, among others
  • Team development and internal communication for leadership

We tailor Storytelling for Communication and Influence to your unique brief and objectives, deliver it onsite, online or combining both.

We have applied storytelling method to projects on eCommerce, Tourism, Youth, Gender, Creative Industries, Cultural Heritage, SMEs, Crowdfunding, Research & Innovation, Environment & Low Carbon Economy and Rural Development, working with/for both public and private institutions in Spain, UK, Belgium, Latvia, Poland, France, Ukraine and Angola, among others.


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