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Our Research & Strategy for Global Impact service helps both public and private institutions (government bodies, corporations, leading businesses, networks, NGOs) understand how people’s behaviour and social changes impact their businesses and institutions; identify challenges and opportunities; and create the best action plans.


We avoid the 100 pages ‘traditional’ consultancy deck and focus on the action with a hands-on attitude, a collaboration spirit for co-creating innovative and effective solutions.


Our cutting edge research has been recognized as good practice by OECD and presented at numerous international fora and scientific symposiums.


We have carried out research projects for clients across different sectors (creative economy, tourism, food & drinks, eCommerce, health care/wellbeing, public funding, among others) providing actionable solutions to concrete business and institutions' challenges.


Our Research & Strategy for Global Impact Service combines both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies; implementing through innovative digital tools and people centric approach.


We can customize our Research & Strategy for Global Impact service to your specific needs; services can include:

  • Market research, competition analysis and market segmentation
  • (Big) data analysis
  • Consumer behaviour, trends identification (coolhunting)
  • Brand Identity & Development
  • Situation analysis and scenario planning
  • Best practices and comparative studies
  • Policy evaluation and development
  • Impact studies
  • Economic (and econometric) modelling
  • Customer journey mapping; user experience evaluation
  • Focus groups
  • (N)ethnographic research
  • Investment feasibility studies
  • Audience Development to imporving internal and external communication and engagement with key stakeholders (consumers, members, government, etc.)


Please see more details on product specifications or contact us about customizing a creativity program for your organization:

Research & Strategy for Global Impact


Research & Strategy for Global Impact


Custom Designed Research & Strategy for Global Impact available across the world (for multi-countries cross-cultural studies) and sectors. 


Please NOTE: Price indicated for a typical basic research project. External costs such as travel and accommodation, print materials, etc. not included

Please contact us about customizing a research project for your organization:


EC is a creativity & innovation lab.

We are base in the EU. We work globally.

We have base camps in Málaga (Spain) & Warsaw (Poland); we are frequently in Brussels (Belgium).


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