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    Service Scope

    To serve your customers better, improve your operations and offering, creating value from your data and boost your profits, your company—like most firms—might need to engage in a Digital Transformation.


    And that could entail reimagining end-to-end digital journeys, clients’ relationships, improving customer targeting with digital marketing and personalization, designing new business models and networks/platforms for co-creation with your stakeholders, and developing a digital culture in the workplace.


    EC Digital Transformation is addressed to Corporations, Business Owners, Senior Leaders, Innovators, Startupers, Entrepreneurs. Policy Makers, Professionals from all Business Domains, NGOs, foundations, public sector.


    What is Digital Transformation?

    Digital Transformation is the necessary transformation or metamorphosis that any company or organization has to accomplish to generate value for their owners and stakeholders, achieved fundamentally by new mindsets, ways of working and applying digital technologies to all aspects of the business.


    However, the important questions are:

    • What Does Digital Mean for Your Business?
    • How Do You Develop Digital Skills and Capabilities?


    EC Digital Transformation engagements are designed to deliver immediate value, while also building the capabilities, processes and mindsets necessary to endure your digital transformation. The result is an agile journey, in which quick wins help refine the operating model, enhancing a broader transformation across the business.


    EC Digital Transformation programme is a tactical way to help you set digital priorities for your business and win in the Digital Age.


    To lead in the Digital Age, companies must rethink the impact of digital dynamics on their business strategy and identify action plans to maximize opportunities to grow and lead in the marketplace. Once identified, executing these opportunities require new capabilities and ways of working, fostering creativity and the ability to transform (big) data into valuable solutions.


    Creativity is at the heart of Digital Transformation.

    Big data and automation is already a given reality in the business world. The real competitive advantage resides in what value are you able to create with the data.


    At EC we believe that successful Digital Transformation requires companies to build an organization-wide learning ecosystem, sparking and scaling up creativity in order to quickly transform data into decisions and business actions across the organization, eliminating siloes, generating solutions, value and profits.


    Delivering Impact

    We have already helped many of our clients build critical strategic actions to enable their digital transformation:



    EC Digital Transformation can help you make the transition in the following key pillars:


    Digitizing customer relationships (B2B, B2C).

    • Helping you understand your customer (digital) journey
    • Designing Omnichannel shopping experiences. E-commerce
    • Loyalty and advocacy programmes to capture Life-time Customer’s Value (LTV)
    • Building an Integrated Marketing and Sales Engine for B2B/B2C
    • Personalization and Digital Marketing


    Building Creative & Digital Talent and Organization.

    • Helping you create and embedded a strong digital culture fuelled by creativity 
    • Identify skills gaps and mismatches
    • Build a future-proof skills strategy
    • Evaluate return on investment (ROI)
    • Define future workforce and understand the impact of automation


    Leveraging the Power of Data & Technology

    • Applying creative thinking techniques to data analytics
    • Determine the use cases (from the organization, industry, or beyond) where data can create massive value
    • Assess the data with advanced analytics and creative labs/workshops to turn it into business actions, track outcomes, and create learning loops
    • Analytics storytelling for impact, to enable teams co-working and co-creation.
    • Designing digital platforms and networks to developing new ways of working, to enhance the speed in transforming data into decisions and actions, improving internal communication and knowledge management.


    Looking outside your organization to capture value globally

    • Mapping business and organizational development opportunities globally
    • Conceptualizing digital networks and platforms to enable co-creation with teams and stakeholders across cultures, geographies and functions.
    • Storytelling and Audience/Market engagement strategies. 
    • Digital Advocacy.


    Contact us about customizing EC Digital Transformation service for your organization.

      Digital Transformation


        We tailor made Digital Transformation service upon your specific brief, needs and objectives.

        Economía Creativa experts will help you to drive the digital transformation your organization needs through a co-creation and hands on methodology, getting you to work on your concrete business case or digitalization challenge from the project kick off.

        We have worked on digital transformation projects and capacity building for institutions such as European Commission, businesses, international networks, professional member organizations across Europe and beyond. See references 

        Please NOTE: price is stated for a standar service. Consult with us full term and conditions.

      EC is a creativity & innovation lab.

      We are base in the EU. We work globally.

      We have base camps in Málaga (Spain) & Warsaw (Poland); we are frequently in Brussels (Belgium).


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