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    What if your organization could awaken the creative potential of your people?


    How can your organization co-create with users and stakeholders to build future proven solutions?


    Creativity for Sustainable Leadership

    Solving the complex challenges we face today requires a fresh approach to leadership and sustainability.


    Creativity for Sustainable Leadership programme propels leaders to activate their organization’s talent and scale an open and collaborative culture to navigate the unknown through innovative and effective solutions, fostering environmental, social, cultural, economic and business sustainability.


    We firmly believe that everyone is creative! It is only needed to enable the right environment and organization culture through a suitable strategy, training, coaching and tools to harnessing everyone’s creativity to be incorporated into the innovation strategy.

    We have worked applying creativity for sustainable leadership on projects for both public and private institutions across sectors (creative industries, tourism, health & well-being, food & hospitality, digital economy, among others) and geographies delivering transformational and actionable solutions to their challenges.


    Creativity for Sustainable Leadership Programme will help your organization:

    • Define what ‘creativity’ to your mission, market and context,
    • Link creativity to your organization purpose 
    • Lead through creativity as strategic competitive asset
    • Activate your people’s creative potential and linked to the organization’s mission. 
    • Develop creative skills, creative thinking and doing and problem solving capabilities, problem solving for a more engaged, productive and happy teams
    • Enable creative environment that act as catalysts for harmonius passion for a more engaged, productive and happy teams
    • Improve organizations creative knowledge management, internal and external communication
    • Define a common language and implement storytelling techniques to spark creativity and innovation across the organization and beyond
    • Apply creativity to solve your organization challenges, design new products and services, strategic thinking and setting new visions to anticipate the future.
    • Open the organization to collaborative co-creation with consumers-users-stakeholders (Universities, research centers, technology parks, etc)
    • Develop a culture that nurture creativity and sustainability at all levels, internally and externally, generating innovative solutions for people’s well-being, creating value for society while being responsible with the environment


    How we do it:

    • Define ‘creativity’ and ‘sustainability’ to your organization mission and context
    • Organization culture assessment (through personal interviews, focus groups, surveys and organization immersion)
    • Creativity for Sustainable Leadership masterclasses, workshop and training
    • Creativity for Sustainable Leadership long term customized talent programme
    • Define KPI and measure organization creativity and its contribution to performance
    • Creativity and Sustainable Policy in the frame of SDGs


    We focus on building these capabilities in your organization, rather than a dependence on us.


    Service conditions apply. See product specification for more information on Creativity for Sustainable Leadership Programme or contact us 

    Creativity for Sustainable Leadership

    • Creativity for Sustianble Leadership Progamme

      Service features:

      PRO: Organizational transformation through creativity

      • Organization/company immersion and deep analisys of current culture to identify areas of improvement for transformational change
      • Creativity for Sustainable Leadership Long-term competitive strategy and talent development programme
      • Design (and deliver) curriculum for creativity and sustainability trainings
      • Define KPI and measure organization creativity and its contribution to performance
      • Creativity and Sustainable Policy in the frame of SDGs

      ► STRATEGIC: Scaling Up Creativity

      • Design Strategy for Creative Knowledge Management across teams & Sustainable Growth
      • Design and delivery of customized training to scale up creativity throughout the organization
      • Enabling co-creation of innovative solutions with stakeholders

      ► BASIC: Defining and applying ‘creativity’ and ‘sustainablity’ for your organization mission

      • Basic organization culture assessment and competitive analysis
      • Align creativity to your organization mission and purpose
      • Creativity inspirational masterclass & workshop to activate team creative potential
      • Define key priorities and next steps to scale up creativity

      NOTE: Price stated for BASIC service features. Service can be delivered onsite and online (or combining both); travel and accommodation expenses, printing materials not included.

    EC is a creativity & innovation lab.

    We are base in the EU. We work globally.

    We have base camps in Málaga (Spain) & Warsaw (Poland); we are frequently in Brussels (Belgium).


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