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Creative Storytelling for Tourism Audience Development Ed. April 2019


Creative Storytelling for Tourism Audience Development, is a report by Economía Creativa featured by UNWTO at the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017.  We present here an updated edition with focus on the Sustainable Development Goals; and enriched by the experience of putting in practice this model at international workshops and presenting at conferences such as the XpoNorth Scotland's Leading Creative Industries Festival in Inverness (UK).


Drawing on the literature on storytelling as well as theory on creative economy, platform and transformation economy, the report develops a model for applying creative storytelling to tourism audience development improving the sustainability, mutual understanding and civic engagement between all stakeholders, local inhabitants and tourists, inclusion and competitiveness of the destination.


This model is based on establishing a Destination Storytelling Stakeholders Network (DSSN) in which stakeholders from tourism, both private and public, are to be represented together with actors from creative industries, ICT, researchers, scientific, artists and local inhabitants.

Creative Storytelling for Tourism Audience Development


Antonio Carlos Ruiz Soria  Principal Researcher, Founder of Economía Creativa and international expert and speaker on creative and digital economy.

Justyna Molendowska-Ruiz Senior Reseracher, Co-founder of Economía Creativa, expert on creativity and digital storytelling.

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