Innovation Culture, Positioning & eCommerce

Project/Client: Innovation Culture, Positioning and eCommerce

Brindisa Ltd., London UK   

Brindisa restaurant in London Bridge
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We have helped Brindisa, UK food importer and distributor to major Corporations within the Food & Drink and Hospitality markets (Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Harrods, Sheraton, Marriott), to transform the inside-out / tunnel vision to co-create strategies with customers through ethnographic research, market analysis and innovation culture implementation.


We worked with Brindisa on their eCommerce Business Unit launch, including monitoring customers' online journey mapping and ethnographic reseach to shed light into final consumer experience with the online shop and using the products. As a result of this research we delivered an action plan for addressing consumers' needs and demands on how to use (cook) the products which has proved extremely successful in the growth of sales and traffic.

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