We work across sectors and geographies, applying creativity for sustainable leadership to every asignment. We carefully listen you to fully understand your needs and objectives.


We focus on learning from all possible sources (desk research, focus groups, cualitative questionnaires & surveys, data analysis, (n)etnographic research) about your context and market, identifying clues and insight.

We co-create with you impactful and innovative solutions that set new horizons, yet are actionable and effective.

On the left we present you some of the challenges we've solved for clients from both public and private sector (international organizations, corporations, foundations, networks & NGOs, startups) in Europe, Asia and Africa. 

Designing new funding model and sponsorship structure for ASEF's digital cultural platform


Project storytelling training to communicating EU Funded projects to target audiences


Branding & communicationg physiotherapy


Creativity for Sustainable Leadership by
  • Scaling up creativity at organizations

  • Design, monitor and deliver creativity development programmes, courses and workshops for organizations of all sizes and sectors

  • Creativity and SDGs. CSR

Creativity for Sustainable Leadership: People and Organizations

Branding Physiotherapy - Economia Creati
  • Mapping business and organizational development opportunities globally.

  • Market-entry analysis; local culture & trends analysis. Investment & feasibility studies

  • Technical assistance & expert missions

Globalization: multi-countries / regions & cross cultural projects

Creative Tourism.jpg
  • Corporate & organizations internal/external communication evaluation & strategic advice

  • Audience and market development. Storytelling

  • Stakeholders / users / members engagement

Communication & Creative Storytelling

  • Feasibility Study for Private Funding for Cultural Mobility / CSR & SDGs. View project >

Small Title

Antonio Carlos Speaking at XpoNorth.jpg
  • Keynote 'Cultural and Creative Tourism' for local & business development.  View project >

Small Title

  • Inspirational & motivational keynote speaking on 'Creative Entrepreneurship'. 

  • View project >

Small Title

  • Innovation culture, sales & marketing strategy & positioning / eCommerce Business Unit launch. View project >

Small Title

Voices of Culture - Justyna Molendowska-
  • Situational analysis: understanding your challenges

  • Asking crucial questions to evaluate the sources and factors of your organization’s competitive advantage

  • Ideation & Priorization: analysis of consumer/users/customers and global trends. Creativity Lab to co-create value-generating strategies.

Creativity for value generating Growth

  • Project/Investment Feasibility Study

  • Innovative Funding Strategy Design (for Startups, Businesses, NGOs, networks, etc) and Implementation support

  • Define Funding Matrix (combining both public and private sources/instruments)

  • Sponsorship 

  • Mapping funding opportunities (globally) from both public and private sources

  • Partner Identification. Outline win-win partnership scenarios

  • Capacity building & training on funding instruments/opportunities (ideal for Startup Hubs, Accelerators, NGOs)

Innovative Funding

Antonio Carlos Ruiz Soria and Justyna Mo
  • Cultural Heritage Innovative Audience Development Best Practices. View project >

Small Title

Creativity for Business_edited.jpg
  • Project Storytelling Workshop & Methodology for Interreg Europe. View project >

Small Title

Justyna Molendowska-Ruiz Communicating w
  • Capacity building workshop on Communicating with Youth. View project >

Small Title

  • Expert contribution to Structured Dialogue between EU Commission and Culture Sector on Social Inclusion. View project >

Small Title

  • Focus group on Creative Tourism, Opportunities and Challenges. View project > 

Small Title

ASEF Culture 360.png
  • Market research. Competition analysis & positioning

  • Sales & marketing analysis & strategic advice. Digital marketing, branding & corporate storytelling.

  • Customer/consumer centric growth. (N)ethnographic studies.

  • Ecommerce / online-digital platform development

Marketing & Sales. Competitive Intelligence

Akis workshop latvia.jpg
  • Mapping business and organizational development opportunities globally.

  • Helping organizations understand how digital disruption has transform the way customers/users, team and stakeholders engage with them: identifying challenges and opportunities 

  • Digital transformation strategy

  • Capacity building on digital transformation for both public and private sectors

Digital Transformation

Creative Women Moldova 2016 - Antonio Ca
  • Capacity building for female entrepreneurs on 'Creative Business Modelling'. View project >

Small Title

Antonio Carlos Ruiz Soria - Economia Cre
  • Keynote 'Different Models of CCIs policies, strategies and support in the EU. Implications to the Ukrainian context'  View project >

Small Title

Angloa Brussels Airlines.jpg
  • Capacity building workshop on Crowdfunding for creative entrepreneurs and startups / CSR / SDGs. View project >

Small Title

  • Motivational speaking and capacity building on audience & market development for CCS

  • View project >

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  • Capacity building workshop on Creative Branding for entrepreneurs. View project >

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EC is a creativity & innovation lab.

We are base in the EU. We work globally.

We have base camps in Málaga (Spain) & Warsaw (Poland); we are frequently in Brussels (Belgium).


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