Public & Private Funding for ASEF's Cultural Platform

Project/Client: Feasibility Study for public and private funding for Culture 360 ASEF digital platform

Asia-Europe Foundation, Singapore 

Antonio Carlos Ruiz Soria has carried out a feasibility study on public and private funding for ASEF's, Culture 360 digital platform

The study has examined the landscape of Asia and Europe, USA and UAE and identified more than 139 feasible sources for public and private funding with particular focus on multinational corporations (MNCs) from different sectors (financial and insurance, energy, airlines, automobile, food and beverages, health care and beauty, fashion, among others) providing the rationale for win-win partnerships with culture and creative sector, in the frame of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

A new funding model has been designed for ASEF Culture 360 providing a sponsorship structure and planning tool defining type of sponsorship  / partnership, rationale, number of potential sponors and min./max. proposed funds per sponsor (apart from outlining other non-financial benefits from sponsorship).

Since 2008, ASEF’s arts and culture website (C360) - has been enabling public access to relevant digital information on arts and culture for individual artists, arts organisations and policymakers across the 51 countries of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) region.

C360 remains the only website offering such a service in the ASEM context and is recognised particularly by professionals and experts in the sector, who consider it as an enabler of both cross-regional and intra-regional cultural cooperation. It has been acknowledged as a highly significant model in facilitating international cultural relations, an inspiration for other bi-regional or multilateral frameworks to follow.

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